Did Your Home Listing Expire?

Did you list your home for sale and your real estate agent failed to get it sold? If you still want to sell your home, I am confident I can give your home a second chance on the market.  The market is improving every day and it is all about finding a Realtor who knows the market and makes it work for you.

  • Enthusiastic marketing and exposure
  • Appealing and competitive pricing
  • Proactive attitude and motivation

Before you re-list your home for sale with the same agent, ask yourself these questions:

What is your agent going to do differently this time? Everything they believed that would get your home sold was already done.

You need a new marketing plan, new excitement, new enthusiasm. You need a new approach!

The value of your home may be less than it was when you listed your home. Can you afford to let this happen again?

Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

I’m unable to sell my home – it’s one of the best, but no one is ready to buy it!

You’ve got the best home in the neighborhood. It has everything a buyer would want, but you are unable to sell it. Home buyers have come and gone and no one showed interest or submitted an offer on your home. Not sure of the reason why this is happening?

But why? What’s the reason?

To get to know the reason, the first thing you ought to do is check out the property the home buyers who came to see your home bought instead of yours. This will give you a clear idea as to what might be causing the buyers to drift away. You might need to work on home enhancements and other factors. Let’s see what those factors can be.

Not offering the right price

The most important aspect that a buyer looks for when purchasing a home is an affordable price. A capable buyer will be smart enough to acknowledge the right market value of the property and then go for the deal. So you need to think one step ahead and set the price accordingly.

Your real estate professional can help you in this regard by pushing for more from the buyer. However, all this depends entirely upon the basic laws of supply and demand. You can never push the envelope beyond a certain limit.

Not staying in the competition

In today’s real estate market, chances of strong competition are quite high. There will be other comparable homes available for sale you will be competing against as well as new construction. And, the buyer is going to comparing home prices for sure. We know that no two properties are the same; therefore the rates will also be different. But the buyer is going to compare your home with others that are available for sale within your community. You will need to thoroughly research of the market prices of other homes in the your area. Try to fit into the shoes of a home buyer…see what they may be thinking when checking the price of a home in your neighborhood.

My home is priced right, what else could it be?

Now, let us think of the situation when you have offered the right price for the house, but still unable to get an offer. So, what could be other possible reasons behind it? First of all, you need to check the floor plan of the house. Each house is different, and having a traditional floor plan when the buyer is interested in a more open floor plan or vice versa, could be the one reason you are not able to sell your home.

When buying a home, the person takes into consideration all these things. After all, they are going to live here and these things will impact their lifestyle and needs. If that’s the case, you might think about getting the floor plan altered, update kitchen & baths, or bumping a few walls to create a more spacious house. Consider the reasons why the buyer is giving a pass on your home and then make the changes accordingly. If it looks appealing, chances are that the buyer would go even a little over of budget as well. So, think about all these factors and try to renovate the home accordingly.

Don’t forget to add that special touch

Besides the floor plan, another important thing to keep in mind before selling the home is to check out the features it offers. Does it stand anywhere near the competition when it comes to features? These days, people look for properties that come fully equipped with the latest features, so that they don’t have to run everywhere to get it installed later. If your home offers all these things like newer appliances, updated flooring and other features buyers are looking for in today’s Sarasota real estate market, you will be sure to have a hot selling property.

You can even get more value, but…

Like I’ve said, users are ready to invest even out of their budget if they find that your property offers value for money. Make them feel that the money they are investing in your home is worth it. Let them know that after buying your home, they will not need to invest even a single penny to renovate and rework on it and this will save them not just money but a lot of time as well. Pop up the question – if I drop the price would you be willing to invest the time and effort to get things renovated your way? And, chances are the buyer will jump at that chance.

Like they say, prepare your home so that the buyer does not even have to look for a second option. So go ahead and do that. If you need advice we are here to help you.

Remove all clutter and personal items

One more thing you ought to do is here to de-personalize your home before you list your home for sale. Why is this important? Because it makes it easier for buyers to see the house and how their things will fit into the home and they can better visualize how their possessions are going to fit in!

Chances are the buyer was not actively looking

The biggest irony you will commonly face when selling a home is to find out that the perfect buyer for your home was not ready to actually buy a home yet. Like they say, each home has a perfect buyer. But finding the perfect home buyer can be a challenge. You have to be patient, while looking for the right home buyer they may be sitting at home. Once they will come and see your home, it won’t take long for you to sell your home.

But, they have to buy a home

All the factors mentioned above might prompt the buyer to drift away from your property. But still they need to buy a home, and they choose another option. If this is the feedback you get for most of them, then chances are you need to make some adjustments so that the property fits within those requirements that are drifting buyers away. Otherwise, it could be a really long wait for the best buyer to come and invest in your property.

Make the home market friendly

The most important thing to get your property to sell is to market it in the best possible manner. You may have listed the property on hundreds of real estate websites, but to no avail. Realtors® in Venice FL might also be bringing buyers to show your home, but it did not sell.

Competitive pricing might be the number one reason behind it. It is of high probability that you have not priced your home according to the competition. And, this competition is going to get harder with every passing day. Think of it like selling sodas in the market. There are three options available. The first tastes good, but is not marketed well. The second one tastes almost the same, but is marketed in a clean case and attractive banner, and is priced a couple of dollars more than the first one. The third one goes a step further and adds that extra fizz to the taste, which does not cost the company a lot of money. They ran a whole campaign around this added fizz. They price it at a few dollars more than type two. The soda drinkers choose the third one, even though it is the highest priced of them all.

Can you draw the conclusion? It did not have something out of the ordinary which the first two did not have, but it was marketed well. That’s how they caught the eye of the soda drinkers. That’s exactly what you have to do when selling your home.

People want to feel that they are buying the best that money can get. So, you need to present your home in such a way that it is the most desirable option for them. Beauty, value for money and whatever it takes to capture their attention – you need to bring it in front! So that your home can come in the eyes of potential buyers and they can make the decision. Make the user feel good emotionally; the home buyers are bound to make investment in your property if they are seriously looking to buy a home right away.

Encourage the buyers

Just like anything else, you need to make every effort to sell your home. You might think that you are doing everything possible to sell your home, but your home still is not selling. Your price is right; you have made all the changes. You even invested time and money in marketing your home. Why is the property still not selling then? The most probable answer to this question can be – sometimes it just takes time.
Neither you, nor your Realtor® in Venice FL or the real estate agent you chose, nor is the property to be blamed for this. You just have to stay positive and wait for the right buyer to come.

Remember just like you the real estate agents you have decided to market your property for sale are are also under pressure. After all, they have made all the possible efforts to get you a home buyer for your home, but it just isn’t happening. Like they say, sometimes you just need to be patient. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it will always appear greener. Have faith in the Realtor® agent you have chosen and hope for the best!

Kari’s goal is your goal; to get your home sold in the least amount of the highest price possible with the least amount of inconvenience to you! Kari specializes in the successful sale of previously listed properties and are  here to help. Experience makes a difference. Choose an agent with a proven track record.  Call me today and lets put a plan in place to get your home sold.