Do You Need A REALTOR® When You Buy A New Home?


Working With a REALTOR® Won’t Cost You More!

The cost to have a REALTOR® representing you is free.* New Home Builders will always pay the REALTOR®.  It is built into the cost of the home and if you don’t bring an agent with you, that results in more profit for them. They will not reduce the price of their home because that will lower the values of all of their other homes. 

You should always have representation when you walk into a new home development site or talk to a new home salesperson.  The new home salesperson represents the Builder and protecting their best interests.  The contracts, which are unique to each development, are written in favor of the builders and you need your REALTOR® to go through the contract and advise you

When you buy on your own, without representation, the benefit to you equals ZERO.  When you purchase without a buyer’s agent, the savings go to the builder and are not passed on to you.  My job as your REALTOR® is not just about finding you your home but successfully helping you navigate through the new construction process, seeing your best interests are always honored.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your new home purchase without representation.

Don’t Want To Wait Months For Your New Home?

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Remember BEFORE you visit the builders and tour new homes give me a call so I can help you. Once you contact the builder without me, the builder will not allow me to work with you.  If you want to check out the development on your own first, please allow me to get you PRE-REGISTER with the developer.